Trip Planning Tips 

Planning trips can be so much fun. They can also become quite crazy depending on the number of people going, the number of days your staying and of course the number of locations you are visiting. 

This particular post is about tips for car trips. Of course there is the basic safety stuff. Get the oil changed. Have the tires checked. Make sure there’s a blanket and some extra for drinking and/or cooling the vehicle in the event of an emergency. And now the fun stuff. Always have a pillow. Some like travel pillows like this one: 

Personally I need my real pillow! 


And of course you should have a blanket! 

Now for the fun stuff! There’s tons of games and things for kids. Blog after blog has that info for you. But since sadly my kid is now almost 19 yes that’s right almost 19 we need adult games and things to occupy us! Here are our favorites:

Pandora or another type music app. We put it on a comedy station and laugh for hours. 

Magazines are only acceptable if they are tabloids or Cosmo. Or since I’m engaged wedding magazines are allowed and yes I’ve already eyed the one I’m buying for an upcoming trip! Martha Stewart Weddings yes I’m talking about you! 

Devices and devices. We take our Roku for use in the hotel room. We take at least one tablet usually one for everyone. And of course all of our phones and then the charging cables for all! It’s technology city for me! 

My fiancé is amazing at making sure we have movies to watch and anything my heart my desire when we are on the road. 

Snacks- well we aren’t big snackers but we travel with at least a 6 pack of waters usually a full case and then of course there’s at least one random stop at a gas station for some kind of junk you don’t need. Take my advice here just plan on it. Just know that some weird craving for a gas station potato wedge is going to hit you and you just need to go for it! 

Travel safe my friends! 




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