Modern Wedding Tools 

Weddings of today are not necessarily different from weddings ten or even forty years ago. The love the family the random drunk relative at the reception these things are sacred and continue through out time. However what has changed is the tools surrounding the process. Hello have you heard of Pinterest? And then there are the apps! 

There are apps for everything. Planning, dress shopping, photos, and of course there are games.

 I have not tried all of these apps by any means. But I can tell you that there is some good info on them. If you are planning to shop at David’s Bridal their app is very helpful with picking out what to try on and saving favorites. 

The Knot and Wedding Wire apps both have some great tips and tools for you to use and they are free. The countdown app is fun but doesn’t really serve a purpose. I would steer clear of that one. First dance, appy ever after and wedding frames are new ones I just downloaded for this post so I will check them out and come back with an update. 

My best recommendation regarding apps and planning is to do a little research. Read all of the reviews. But most importantly don’t get caught up in the madness. My pinterest board got so big I have just about abandoned it because although the ideas were great I was losing my vision. Stay true to you and the vision of your wedding that you and your fiancé have! 

And last but certainly not least. When you can’t get enough wedding stuff and you are needing a fix I would highly recommend wedding dash! 

I’m slightly addicted! 

Happy Weddinging, 


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