Product Review – Curl Secret 

This girl has thin and hard to curl hair. It’s a problem. Ok it’s not a problem but it makes me sad. I would like to just have a little wave or something. 

Well for Christmas I was gifted with this little baby! 



 I was very skeptical. Mostly because the idea of having my hair sucked up into anything makes me super duper nervous. I mean what if it gets stuck or my hair starts smoking. You know the basic concerns of any new hair product really. 


 As you can see in the picture above it has two heat settings and three timer settings. I went with the lowest heat and the shortest timer. I figured that would give me the best chance of escape if needed. 

  Here is how my hair started. Freshly washed no product and brushed through. Please ignore my makeupless face! So I went for it. 

 A success. The first curl was what I was hoping for. And actually much better than I had expected. It wasn’t easy to get used to. And you do have to get the placement of your hair right. There were a couple of times my hair got a little tangled in the machine but it catches it and releases the hair. I didn’t have any lost hair or panic! 


It took a while to do the whole head but no longer than with a regular curling iron and honestly much better result. And yes as always one side of my head always looks better than the other. 

 I chose to use my pick and kind of pick out the harsh curls and it left a really great wave that I’m very happy with. I’m excited to keep trying and experimenting with this product. My honest review is 4 out of 5 stars. It definitely has a learning curve to get the best look and the best curls but it is worth using and perfecting the style. And yes I already sent my mom the thank you text with the pictures to let her know it was an awesome gift! 

What fun beauty products or tools did you get for Christmas?

Until next time my lovelies! 


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