Family Traditions

When you get engaged suddenly you are preparing to be a part of another family. And of course you are bringing someone new into yours. The holidays of course bring about some of the most fun times as well as what could be some of the most stressful times. How do you navigate those waters? Well let me say what everyone says communicate. Have the conversation with your significant other about the traditions that matter most to you or that matter most to your family that you would like to honor. 

For me that meant that my fiancé needed to know that every year I would be buying a specialized ornament for the year. Here is this years ornament. 

And this is my son’s he has been getting ornaments from me every year since he was born! 

Another fun thing is figuring out how to share the love and spread yourselves out to all of the family. Include your parents in the conversation or siblings if you have spent holidays with them in the past. They will appreciate that you want to make sure everyone is included as you start your new family together. This year we will be having “our” family Christmas on Christmas Eve spending Christmas Day with my fiance’s family and the day after Christmas with my mom. It was the best plan for all of us and we are all really excited about spending good time together! I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and remember you are starting a new family together but you are also joining your families as well! 

Happy Weddinging! 



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