The Excitement Builds 

Now I’m engaged. It’s all I can do to contain my excitement. So many decisions. So much planning. Oh weddings. They are beautiful and romantic and fun! To keep me from talking my amazing fiance’s ear off and to keep from driving my bridesmaids crazy when there is still a year to go. I have taken to the all hailed Wedding magazine! 

My fiancé walked in the room as I took this photo and I could see his brain doing the math for this Number of magazines. I didn’t mention I have another stack at work that I read during my lunch hour. 

But they really do serve a purpose. You may not need this many. Yes I may have a problem. But you can find suggestions for everything from venue selection, hair styles, gowns, gifts, and tips for honeymoon and even that amazing wedded bliss we are all preparing for. I also love that wedding magazines are also getting more specialized and localized. If you zoom the pic you will see Nashville Lifestyles weddings which is a great source of local vendors and ideas. As well as Southern Wedding which is basically what I’m having since well we live in the South. Weddings are universally amazing but find a magazine that speaks to you and maybe get a couple of issues. I tear out pages that have ideas I love so I don’t keep the whole magazine. Here is an example: 

We have done a venue search and this venue is not in the area we are looking but we are looking at a similar outdoor look and that pic is a “idea” I would like to share with our photographer. It helps to have visuals. Not just for the vendors but for me and for family as well. Use any tools you can to help bring your vision to life. Just remember wedding magazines can add up (man add wedding to the title and the price doubles) so maybe don’t get as obsessed as me but do enjoy flipping those pages. You will ohh and ahh and dream of your special day. 

Happy Weddinging 


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