Try-it Tuesday Restaurant Review 

I love food. Obviously. But we do not attend fancy places very often. I was very lucky to be invited to a lunch at Etch. 

Our appetizer was Roasted Cauliflower with truffled pea pesto, salted almonds, feta dip. 

The feta dip was a surprise quite tasty and the cauliflower is something I need to try and do at home. I think that my men who only eat asparagus would even like this dish and of course gluten free.

They did not offer any particular type of side salad. However they did offer a small version of their signature Etch Salad consisting of fennel, green apple, arugula, radicchio, blue cheese, walnuts, and a champaign vinaigrette. 

I have to be honest and say that I don’t normally like fennel or blue cheese. Or maybe I just never had them prepared well but my oh my this salad was bite after bite of joy. The dressing was that of dreams. 

For the main course Catfish with walnut red bell pomegranate sauce, fiery strawberry preserve, lime crema, pickled onion, pumpkin seeds and greens. 

  Every bite and every sauce was unbelievably tasty. The number of sauces on the plate may have been a bit much for some and I will tell you that the strawberry preserve was by far my favorite. Having the greens on top was interesting and I think one of those things they do to make it look good rather than for flavor. But I will say that every bite was delish. 

And finally the dessert. Peanut Butter panna cotta. There are no more words needed! 

Oh the honey cream and the apples. Every bite was amazing. What a fun and wonderful lunch. 

I hope that if you find yourself in Nashville please stop by Etch and check it out. Here is a Link for their website. I do hope that you will enjoy! 




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