Makeup Monday – Favorites Eyeshadow Edition

I am one of those women that goes in stages. I will have a favorite look for months and months and then switch it up. However, as I have gotten older and discovered more and more what looks good on me I have discovered that there are more tried and true favorites to be had for those different looks I love. Today I’m sharing with you my current favorites for this season and really for anytime based on my skin tone. 

First up is the Naked3 pallet from Urban Decay. It is the most pricey of my loves at $54 but I have had it for quite a while. 

As you can see all of the colors have been loved (kind word for used) lol! I definitely have some favorites out of the bunch. The 4th color in (from the left) is limit this is a soft pink tone that works great as a lid color or all over color if I need a little something and I can’t do anything else that day. The 6th in is trick and its a perfect peach again all over lid or eye lid only with another base or brow bone color. And finally black heart which is the last color in the pallet. It is a beautiful black with shimmer of pink. Don’t be afraid of black in a crease or on the edge or even as a liner. It’s fun and this color is a great one to try out. 

My next favorite has become my everyday look. 

It is called Silent Treatment and yes people this is by Wet N Wild. Please don’t think make up has to be expensive to be awesome! At $3 this is really my favorite every day look. 

You will see this pallet also has a shimmer black but the black has gold flakes rather than pink. It works well with the peach and the bottom shade is almost like a grayish tone. I really love it. I will do a tutorial one day and show you how it looks on! 

And finally sometimes you just need a great date night smoky eye. I have other Naked pallets that I will use sometimes. But currently I’m using this one. 

This is ELF cosmetics. I believe these pallets at $2. The shades are great and the pigment is true. 

I love too that they have the directions imprinted on the shadow. Don’t be scared to try something new and also makeup is supposed to be fun. Enjoy it. Experiment. Be a little kid with a little bit too much eye shadow on. Let the look be yours and if it’s not quite right that’s what they make remover for! 

Here’s a sneak peek of my engagement photo look! No filter! lol! 

Can’t wait to share more about the day the photo shoot and my makeup choices. Naked3 was used for sure! 

Happy Monday loves! 


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