Party Bites for the Holidays 

For Try-It Tuesday I want to share with you a recipe I created as a quick and easy solution for an appetizer or “party bite” for any parties you may throw or be invited to this holiday season or really anytime. 

I call them crab rolls. They are super tasty. You can make them as big or small as you would like. And I will have another tip for you later. The actual crab roll is not gluten free. But the inside can make a fabulous dip for chips or veggies and that can be made gluten free. 


2 packs of crescent rolls 

1 container of onion and chive cream cheese 

1 package imitation crab meat 

2 tsp Italian seasoning (or to taste) 

1-2 tsp garlic pepper (or to taste) 


Dice the imitation crab meat into smaller pieces. And put into a medium sized bowl. Slight warm the cream cheese this will allow it to mix more easily. Add the cream cheese and seasoning to the bowl and mix until combined. At this point you have an amazing dip for chips or veggies. And it can be made gluten free if you can find gluten free crab meat. To make the rolls open the crescent rolls and separate into triangles and then cut into half. Take a small amount of the crab mixture and put into the middle of the roll. Pull up the sides and seal. You will end up with rolls that look like the above. Place these rolls on a cookie sheet. Follow the instructions on the crescent rolls for baking. They should be done in 9-12 minutes. 

This is such a quick, easy and tasty appetizer. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Until next time familia



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