Dry Shampoo Situation 

This Makeup Monday is brought to you by my fine thin lifeless hair. Being a woman with very thin hair I also tend to have very oily hair. It’s a hard life I’m telling ya. Even ponytails aren’t an easy fix. It looks like you still have wet hair. Ugg it feels gross and is so frustrating. When I hit thirty I decided to do something about it. By 32 I learned I shouldn’t actually wash my hair everyday. And thus the need for dry shampoo was born. And then my love for dry shampoo and now I have a mild obsession. 

My favorite dry shampoo that is totally buildable doesn’t leave any residue and actually lets me go at least two days in between hair washes is Style Sexy H2No 

It is amazing. And it can be found at your local Ulta and possibly even your local Wal-Mart if they have a hair salon. It is amazing. There is no sticky residue there is no white powdery look to the hair and it does add volume and smells great. The downfall is that it is a little pricey. It is almost $20 for a bottle and I do go through at least one per month. So I had to find some more cost effective options. 

I tried Suave and wasn’t a fan. I tried Batise and wasn’t a fan. I have however liked the following: 

This has a great smell and definitely gives you some volume. It is not as buildable so you can really only use it one day and then you need to wash. But it leaves no residue at all makes your hair feel fresh and clean. And it runs about $5 at your local drug store or favorite regular shopping store Target or Wal-Mart. 

Now this formula is buildable for sure. It has an amazing smell. My fiancé actually commented that it smelled really good when I used it. It had all of the benefits and things I look for in a good dry shampoo. And it was reasonable at $6. 

I have heard there are still some really great dry shampoos that are worth it in the higher price points. I received this one in a birch box but haven’t used it yet. 

And my mom gave me this one. She just doesn’t really need the dry shampoo. Someone had told her to use it just for volume but she has found some better products so of course I said I would take it. I have a dry shampoo problem people! 

So it is definitely possible to find a reasonably priced dry shampoo. And I will try to add some pics of my hair when I have used each of these to show you. But until then I hope that you all have a wonderful Monday! What is your favorite hair care item? 




2 thoughts on “Dry Shampoo Situation 

  1. Had we discussed my need for a dry shampoo lately? Because I need one. I bought one randomly and the stupid thing broke so it was a waste of money. I only got to use to like twice. It’s crazy this whole no hair washing phenomenon. Who knew!? I go like 3-4 which is gross. Hence the need for dry shampoo. Thank you!!

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