Engaged, Stressed – YES 

Getting engaged is so exciting. It’s a huge and momentous occasion in anyone’s life and with great happiness comes great responsibility and inevitably great stress. Before I was engaged I had never thought how nerve wracking and consuming it could be for the asker and of course it is profound and maybe even shocking for the one asked. I asked my fiancé to tell me everything about how he felt, how it happened. I wanted to know everything. I’m so glad I asked. And of course he obliged and told me. Probably just to get me to be quiet but hey whatever works. I also accept cotton candy and/or wine. He said, He was nervous. He was nervous when he asked my mom for her blessing. He was nervous when he got down on one knee. He knew I would say yes and he knew my mother would be thrilled. But he was still nervous. It was stress inducing. He couldn’t explain why other than the fact that it was one of the biggest decisions of his entire life. And of course I had to agree. This is forever people. 

Then you say yes and all of a sudden you are engaged. You are to be married and live happily ever after. So for my amazing fiancé there was literally an adrenaline dive afterward. He was exhausted and I couldn’t blame him. We were both so happy but suddenly exhausted. We shared the news with family and close friends. We had a wonderful meal and we slept. We slept like we had never slept before. 

And for many brides to be, this is where their stress suddenly kicks in. All of the questions of when’s the date? Have you picked a dress? Who are the bridesmaids?  Well for me I will forever be thankful that my thoughtful fiancé chose to ask when we were on vacation. We were able to enjoy each other and share in the “wow we are really doing this” excitement just us. Of course we wanted to celebrate with family and friends but those first days of excitement were just for us. 

The excitement doesn’t go away and there is always plenty to share with family and friends and anyone that happens to be in an elevator with you when you just can’t stop staring at your ring. Yes it’s 6 months later and yes I do it daily! He did good man! 

He rocked my world by knowing me and knowing “us” and knowing the perfect way to make our moment and time special. So for me when those questions start or when I have to read a venue contract you know if I just get stressed planning or to be honest if I get stressed really with life in general I can take a breath and go back to that moment when he asked me for forever. 

So this Wedding Wednesday is to remind you that yes stress happens and yes it’s ok and as you plan, party and even panic try to go back to that moment when you both had only eyes and hearts for each other and cherish it. You can easily shut out the noise by focusing on the love and that moment or even that place when/where your forever stsrted. 

Happy Weddinging (yep that’s my new word) 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Engaged, Stressed – YES 

    1. I have been very lucky with the planning we have not had too many issues but man sometimes there are some crazy moments I just have to stop and take that breath and remember what it’s all really about!


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