Tips and Tricks Thursday – Turkey Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! So this is my absolute favorite day of the year. From the parade and the first official siting of Santa Clause to the family and yummy food. And yes I watch the whole parade even if no one else watches with me, I sing with the acts and I march around the house with the marching bands. It’s just how I roll!


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But the pride of the day is of course our thanks oh and the turkey! Here’s what mine looks like before I put it in the oven! 

I am intending to use this space on Thursday for tips and tricks. I really should tell you some safety tips for turkey or something. But instead I’m going to share this as you hopefully gather with family and friends for yummy food and togetherness! 

The greatest tip ever Love each other. Remember that regardless of your religious beliefs there is so much to be grateful for. I hope that you feel the love today and everyday! 

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours! 

Love and Mangia! 




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