Presentation, presentation 

I love food. I love entertaining. I love presentation. Whether it is a party at my house or a business meeting I love to make things look good and of course appetizing. Part of that means having the right equipment. Serving dishes and serving utensils are important. Yes sometimes it can be too much or at least some may think it’s not necessary but it’s all about what makes me (or you) happy! 

So there a few things I’m very fond of and I think are important for people to have in their home. 

A pasta serving dish as well as pasta bowls; these are a must in my book. Go with your style and choose something you love and will be so excited to pull out of the cabinet and use. I chose this very simple white set from Crate and Barrel. 

How do you make presentation a little interesting? 

Sometimes the food is the presentation itself.  

Like this amazing fruit basket we were surprised with. 

And then there is just the goodness that is bad for you fried food. 

Of course I always love fries in a good old bad for you styrofoam container. 

What is your favorite type of food presentation? With the holidays quickly approaching I am on a mission to find all of the best serving dishes and food presentation methods I can find. 




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