Apologies and 26 things about me. 

So first and foremost I’m still working to make this blog thing a priority. I love it and I want to do it. I get distracted and I fall off the wagon as it were. I appreciate you all for hanging in there and tolerating me anyway! As a reward I felt I should share some things I haven’t shared before in a most interesting way. The ABC’s

A – Age 35 

B – Bizarre Fear – Squirrels. No idea why I’m scared of them. Other than to say that me and Carrie Bradshaw have the same opinion they are rats with cuter outfits. 

C – Current Time 8pm 

D – Drink you last had – wish I could be good and say water but it is a Throwback Pepsi. Real sugar baby! 

E – Everyday starts with the snooze button at least once. 

F – Favorite Song – anything by Sinatra 

G – Ghosts are they real? Yeah I think so. 

H – Hometown – Mount Juliet, TN it’s beautiful but growing too big by the day. I want a small northeastern town to retire! 

I – In love with – my fiancé 

J – Jealous of – no one and nothing. Do have days where I wish I could be a housewife but those are just dreams! 

K – Kraft Mac and Cheese used to be my favorite food stupid Gluten. 

L – Last time you cried? Last night. I had a migraine so bad the pain had tears flowing for quite some time. 

M – Middle Name – Sue 

N – Number of Siblings – 1 sister, 4 years older. 

O – one wish – that my family stays happy and healthy! 

P – Person you last called – my son 

Q – Question you’re always asked – I can’t think of anything I’m asked all the time. 

R – Reason to Smile – a thank you out of nowhere  

 S – Song Last Sang – can’t remember but I never stop singing in the car 

T – time you woke up – 5:30am 

U – Underwear color – boring white 

V – Vacation Destination – dreaming of our honeymoon in Cabo! 

W – Worst Habit – Procrastination yes always and with everything and always. Uggg 

X – X-rays – wrist, knee, brain, ribs, oh my gosh I can’t even remember all of them! 

Y – Your favorite food- Tater tots and cotton candy and hamburgers and well I just really love food yall! 

Z – Zodiac Sign – Gemini yep I’m a twin. So much of it is all so true for me. It’s funny sometimes. 

Well I hope you learned a little more about me and I’m looking forward to learning more about all of you. 




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