How many journeys can you take at once? 

How many? Well that question is similar to the question how many hats can you wear at once and I think the number is somewhere between 1 and infinite depending on the person. My current journeys are mother to an adult (this may be the hardest), fiancé/wedding planner (this may be the most fun at the moment), Krav Maga which combines my health and fitness/weight loss journey, and now I have added a bible study. Seamless by Angie Smith. A woman I am friends with on Facebook put out into the FB community that she wanted to start an online bible study. I was thinking a small group online a couple of women I already knew and trusted this would be a great way to reconnect with my faith. I haven’t lost faith but I haven’t felt as connected as I would like to. This particular bible study is meant to help one understand the bible as a complete story. I truly was so excited about this new journey. I felt like this was what I needed. I was so excited to connect with a few women not maybe one on one but a small enough group I would feel comfortable. In this digital age and age of super churches we have become use to connecting by the hundreds and thousands if we connect at all. And yes I realize I’m making this statement on my blog that I hope will reach many but I feel some things really do belong on a more intimate and personal level and I’ve always felt that while a very large church can be super successful and can have groups to make people feel welcome and get a positive message as well as a network of activities and events for a sense of community the bible studies and small groups do so much as well. Anyway, as I was saying this group originally I thought maybe 20-50 women. Well each day leading up to the start of the study as I was getting excited to order my book and even more excited to possibly get together with these women the numbers kept rising. There were 500, then 1000, then 3000, and as of the start of the study there are over 5000 women from all over the country heck for that matter, the world and from all different walks of life and age and circumstance. I realize there is a part of me that should be so excited for this group and this adventure. I’m trying to open myself up to this but I have to be honest, it feels like one more giant group I will get lost in and I might as well be doing the study alone. There was a sense of happiness for the leaders that they will be able reach so many but a sense of sadness that one of the main reasons I joined this group (for some positive female interaction) was just gone. My fiancé told me if it really disappointed me I shouldn’t do it. I should look for a different study or do something else. But I want to try and stick with this. I committed, I had already purchased the book and honestly the thought of the bible as a complete story appealed to me. So here I go adding yet another adventure/journey to my plate. Pray for me and if you can maybe cheer me on a little bit too. And if you are interested here is a link to info about the study: Seamless by Angie Smith




2 thoughts on “How many journeys can you take at once? 

  1. Well I definitely won’t join then! Just what you need is another number. I’m sorry I’m terrible. I like super churches for giving those exposure who may have been intimidated by a regular church but at the same time I loathe feeling lost. Which is probably why we haven’t consistently go to church in years. It’s an issue. I hope you get what you want out of this. Maybe like mined women signing up will be the key here.

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    1. We have been given accountability partners to try and help with the feeling of being part of such a large group. But the lessons are actually teaching me so much I never knew. So I’m going about it more as an individual study which wasn’t my original intention but hopefully will teach me what I need to learn!


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