September Subscription Love #1 

First up for subscription lovin comes Birch Box.   

A wonderful reminder of how beautiful you are when you first open the box. 

Next of course is our product card. 

  First up is the eye cream. I have used this once and really liked it. I have heard great things about caffeine for your eyes. I couldn’t tell a difference from other eye cream but it smelled nice and I liked it. 
Next up.  
I have not tried this yet but it looks cool! 

  I have not tried this gimme brow either but I’m very excited to. I have read great things about this product and I have been trying to take care of my eyebrows for quite some time. 
So this is the box the Harvey Prince perfume Hello came in. I would love to show you the container but it’s half empty and in my purse. I have been using it almost everyday since I opened the box. Me and my fiancé both love the scent especially on me. Hopefully we can pick some up soon and if not maybe a nice gift from Santa!  
And lastly POP beauty eye shadow. I’m currently trying another product and of course faithful to my Naked pallets but I will use this soon. I like the colors and I was impressed I got a full size item from birch box this month. 

Overall I’m very happy with the box this month. The perfume is by far my favorite find and I can’t wait to have a full jar of it asap! 

Until next time my fellow beauty addicts, 



2 thoughts on “September Subscription Love #1 

    1. We need to get you set up with one there is a snack (foodie) one and there is one called Bulu which can be different things. There are clothing ones now. It’s crazy how the “box” craze is taking off!


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