Something new for me and maybe for you! 

I have had to be gluten free and this is bringing changes to my diet. Obviously I have to read labels and be much more cautious with my food choices. But I have also been able to try some more interesting foods I may have not tried otherwise. 

Take this fabulous BBQ chicken salad and Autumn Squash Soup from Panera Bread. 

So the chicken salad was wonderful and the grilled corn in that salad was a sweet bonus which added just the right amount of texture. This salad is supposed to have fried onions with it but alas those are not gluten free so I had to have it without. 

Now let’s talk about that soup! Butternut squash, pumpkin spice, and it normally comes with roasted sunflower seeds on top. This soup is to me like fall in a bowl. The texture is very creamy. The flavor has a savory and sweet combination that is perfect for warming you up on a chilly day. I would recommend hitting your local Panera and giving this a try. And if you are like me and have to have gluten free check out this link to Panera’s gluten free menu! 

Panera Bread Gluten Free Menu

Going gluten free has brought another unique issue to my diet. I crave sweets! It’s something I have actually never done before. I used to just enjoy sweets every now and then but the amount of pasta and bread I enjoyed on a regular basis I never had any desire for extra “sugar” in my diet of you will. But now I am having a salad every day and eating better. Limiting pasta and bread consumption to only gluten free and not a lot of it at that. But the healthiest way to take care of my new found sweet cravings has been to add fruit to my diet. I have two servings/pieces of fruit everyday. This can get boring if you have the same fruit everyday. So in the spirit of mixing it up I was searching my local Wal-Mart produce section and found these little beauties. 

  Part apricot part plum all delicious. 

The best part to me was that they were the size of apricots and not the size of little bity plums. The inside had the texture of the plum, the color of the nectarine, and a somewhere in between flavor of both. These were sweet and juicy without being too much of either.  

Also, I had a personal little accomplishment which was this! 

  Me and my honey both got our yellow belts! Such a huge accomplishment for both of us. If you haven’t checked it out yet let me recommend that you look into Krav Maga

So this is my lately. Hope yours is great! More to come soon! 



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