What’s New? 

So life is crazy busy! Apparently it’s always going to be crazy! But here are some fun things that have been in the crazy mix! 

 We went to Metropolis and I got to see Superman! It was great! 


I found out that Olive Garden now has Gluten Free pasta!!!! It was sooo yummy! 

These fruit snacks are Gluten Free and I am so excited about it! I have been having a sweets craving that won’t quit since giving up gluten. These fruit snacks are helping! 

And lastly I don’t talk about work much but I am a secretary. I’m at a desk all day and I do occasionally have wrist issues. Probably some onset carpal tunnel issues. Well my fiancé has some similar issues and we decided he needed a new mouse at work! 

This is an upright mouse. Now this one has a wire and lucky for me didn’t work for my man. We ordered him a wireless model and he gave me his! 

This thing is so great it keeps your wrist at the right angle. More of a handshake position than anything else. It’s more comfortable and honestly didn’t take that long to get used to. 

It’s really great! I highly recommend checking one out if you have issues at all! 

Now I’m prepping for a long Labor Day weekend with the family. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Can’t wait to share more fun and exciting new stuff with you all next week! 



2 thoughts on “What’s New? 

    1. Yes gluten free has not been a happy transition for me but finding little joys and things that I like is definitely helping! And the mouse is amazing! I got used to it so quickly as well! You should check it out girl!


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