Ipsy lovin’ 

Yes I love my Ipsy bag! Every month I love my Ipsy bag! So here is the bag from this month! 

So here are the things I loved this month especially! I received 3 full size items and a beauty tool. The amount of full size items I get with my Ipsy bag is so impressive. 

Now for some review: 

This eyeliner is a beautiful black. It goes on smooth and lasts all day. I couldn’t ask for more. Definitely would consider buying this.  
This gloss is fabulous. It didn’t feel sticky. And it was long lasting through the day. 

The only disappointing thing would be the dry shampoo. It has a bit more of a white powder to it then I prefer. Even being blonde it shows white and I don’t like that. The smell however was very pleasant. 

I have not tried the polish yet but I’m really loving the color and can’t wait to check it out! 

If you haven’t yet you should check out Ipsy. It’s probably my favorite subscription service of all of them. Do you have a favorite subscription service? 



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