Shower food! 

So I was invited to be involved with a baby shower recently and one of my favorite things to help with is the food! It was a beautiful shower with an adorable elephant theme. 

The topper was made by a friend of the mommy to be and the cake came from Sam’s (yes the good ol wholesale store themselves) from what I hear it was tasty. 

My foodie contribution was cutting bread into elephant shapes. Yes this makes for adorable sandwiches and an added special touch that yes everyone will notice and appreciate. And peanut butter & honey stuffed crescents with honey glaze. 

So obviously on the gluten free train I can’t eat the crescents. I just made up the recipe so I did a trial run for my boys and they told me they were very yummy so I moved forward with the plan. 

So here’s the recipe! 

This makes a large batch but you can use the leftovers as a dip for people like me that are gluten free or just crazy peanut butter lovers! 


Package of crescents 

Container of peanut butter (standard size)

Large container of cool whip 

1/4-1/2 cup of honey 

Preheat the oven according to the crescent package instructions.

In a large bowl combine the other ingredients. Stir until combined. This will take a little time and lots of elbow grease stir stir people! 

Next spread out your crescents and place about a teaspoon of the dip in the crescent. Roll the crescents according to the package directions and pinch the sides sealed. 

Once all done bake the crescents according to package instructions. The filling once baked tastes like a peanut butter cookie. Oh it’s fantastic. 

And lastly this was a cute little thank you idea that I stole from a party I attended each of the cups contains circus peanuts and each cup has a guest name written on it. Super sweet and fun way to say thank you for all that attend and a little keep sake that personally I think is useful! 

Hope you are having a wonderful day and if you make the crescents please let me know how they turn out! 



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