Weekend Shenanigans 

Weekends are long and too short all at the same time these days.  What did I do this weekend?

Started a community yard sale I couldn’t pass up! 

I don’t know what I will use them for but they are adorable and made me think of me and my man! 

Next came getting the hair did! 

I know I’m weird and cute! Lol! 

Not sure if you can see all of the color but I’m loving it! Very fun for the upcoming fall! 

Next came painting the bedroom because we don’t have enough going on in our house! Really why do I do these things to myself? 

We are super in love with the color though! Olympic Shining Armour if you are interested yourself! 

Next up was some time with the ladies for our first ever wedding show! Of course there was a pregame crepe party! 

So we arrived at the show and I wish I had a pic. It was very pink and very tulle and lots and lots of women. Now it was nothing compared to the Southern Women’s but it was impressive! 

Mommy and the bestie with a cocktail!   
These were just a few of the moments and favorite items I did capture! We had a great time! Perfect Wedding Guide (PWG) put on a good show. We wished there had been more bakers, more florists and more fashion designers! But all in all a great time was had by all! And while I had said I would only attend one of these…I might have to just try one more! 🙂 

What shenanigans did you get into this weekend? 



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