Garage Sales and Belts 

One of the fun things about moving in with your man is that you just have too much stuff! We literally combined two fully furnished homes into one and that’s just really not possible. So one storage unit rented, endless items thrown in the trash or taken to a local charity and we still needed to get rid of more. My amazing future MIL was having a community yard sale and invited me, my man and even my mom to participate! 

Yes he was having a lot of fun! Really I promise he loves when I ask for selfies! 

So one of my favorite so sad we had to sell it but we did items was our punching bag. So I decided while it was all set up in the drive way that I should show off my moves! 

 Ps I could not kick that high a month ago! And those punches were knocking the bag over! Hehe! 

We had a very successful day and we made a little money to help towards our wedding budget. So excited for wedding planning but there’s tons of time and I don’t want to lose all my readers yet by boring you with tales of lace and tulle! 

But before I end this post and now that I’ve shown you some moves I had to share what I did this week! 


Yep I earned my white belt in Krav Maga! Yes I am probably way more excited about it then I should be but man those classes are fun! Can’t wait to go punch and kick some more next week! 

What did you accomplish this week? I would love to hear from you! And yes I really mean that! 





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