Never Giving Up and a Gardening Tale 

Pretty much everyone in my family has a green thumb except for me. My grandfather had gardens that would make professional farmers envious right up until he passed away. This is the giant pumpkin he grew one year. 

My mother grows all sorts of things and she has managed to create an oasis on her little patio outside of her townhouse. The flowers and just gorgeous and the grapes are gonna be yummy I’m thinking maybe we learn to make wine! 

So it is sad to say that I did not inherit the gardening gene. There are times I’m honestly surprised my child grew and survived to 18. 

One of the best Admin Professional Day gifts I’ve ever received was a gorgeous Peace Lily. 

Now as you can see this Lily was given to me healthy and vibrant. Sadly this is what my lily looks like today: 

Neglect has caused this poor poor lily to fade from its former glory. I’m on a mission to bring it back and I will keep you updated as to the progress. 

But I wanted to share with you what occurred to me with this gardening post. Love and attention is what caused my grandfather’s garden to always be blossoming and growing strong. Love and attention has done the same for my mother’s plants. 

If we want to thrive and grow we need love and attention. Some of us need a little more attention than others; ferns are supposed to be easy to grow and hydrangeas aren’t. But humans can be just like plants sometimes and we can’t tell you exactly what we need. But we start to show the neglect over time. And this love and attention unlike plants doesn’t have to come from someone else. With humans it comes first from within. Only we know ourselves best. We may not realize it but we know what we need and if it is something we need from someone else we just have to use our words and ask. Most importantly we never give up and we keep trying to thrive and bloom. 

Perhaps this has turned into a rant. But I want everyone that sees this blog to remember to never give up. Always strive to thrive! 




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