Tales of a makeup fanatic 

I love makeup. I have loved makeup my whole life. Play makeup as a little girl and then my mom would practice on me when she sold MaryKay. I think I was 5 or 6. I like to experiment with new looks and of course find that perfect look that puts me at my best. In talking to some friends and my mom about makeup for my wedding no one was surprised when I said I wanted to do my own. 

Yes I dream of the makeup table above and yes I have enough makeup to fill it. And one of the ways I have acquired my treasure trove of makeup and tools is subscription boxes! 

My latest box is my July Birch Box (changing my address confused my poor Ipsy shipment but I should have in a few days. 

Missing from the box is some Stila lipgloss that I had to try and it’s still in my purse or possibly my desk at work. Does anyone else have lipstick and lipgloss literally everywhere? 

I am a huge fan of dry shampoo for its many uses: adding body, reducing oil, and general manageability of super fine hair. This small sample size is perfect for on the go and also for my desk at work. Sometimes if I go out to lunch my hair will feel yucky when I get back (oh those hot city days) but a quick spray makes me feel better. Looking forward to trying this one. 

This next special sample is for a heat treatment spray. I don’t use a lot of styling tools on my hair (I rarely even blow dry) but I know that if I did I would have fuller and actually more manageable hair so I’m looking forward to trying this. 

Who doesn’t need an extra CC cream? Always need a little pick me up or quick refresh and I find cc cream great for that. And in the summer when I want to wear less heavy foundation bb or cc cream is a go to. 

This is a charcoal powder. I have no idea how to use it yet. But I’m probably most excited to see how it works. I will be reporting back on this fascinating little gem! 

I realize it’s Wednesday and this should be a food post but I’m going to be honest with you dear friends and readers; we can’t actually access our kitchen right now so there has been no cooking going on but soon I promise you soon!

Me in the new Stila shade. Getting used to it. I think it looks pretty good! 

What’s your favorite makeup item or tool?



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