Gluten Gluten, where’s the cereal? 

The idea of going gluten free is a little scary. And it’s a little exciting. I love experimenting with food and this is definitely allowing me to get ready to try new recipes and really try out spices and technique that I couldn’t in the past. 

I have a future mother in law that is absolutely amazing and she got me some gluten free goodies to try. Here is a pic of just some of it. 

I have tried the oatmeal and it is great. If I hadn’t been told it was gluten free I would have never known. 

Also the maple crunch cereal was really good. 

Fruit and nuts are on my diet daily now and who knew my favorite cereal yes my actual favorite cereal is gluten free! Lol! It’s funny I don’t eat a lot of cereal but man when you think you can’t have it anymore it’s all you want! Oh and those chips totally gluten free! Snacks are now a craving. Oh being told you can’t is like a trigger being pulled so it’s all you want. 

I had a friend bring some fresh garden veggies to share and I was so excited to cook some up for dinner tonight! I put them in a skillet with a little butter (yes I use real butter) and then put some garlic pepper on them. So yummy!   

So here is the finished gluten free dinner my guys enjoyed with me! Italian beef over potatoes, garden fresh tomato and that squash oh my goodness!!!!! 

Yes reading every label and thinking every minute about what goes in my mouth is frustrating. I have no misconceptions about how hard this will be but it’s definitely something that can be done and doesn’t have to be miserable for me or my guys! 


2 thoughts on “Gluten Gluten, where’s the cereal? 

  1. Well you totally lucked out in the mother in law and cereal department didn’t you? I have a sneaky suspicion this will be your answer… And then I’m sure the thought of eating gluten and feeling uck will be enough motivation to skip the pasta.

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    1. I definitely lucked out! We found some gluten free spaghetti noodles. I’m going to try that and see if it’s any good! I’m hopefully. Lol! And feeling better is always the answer!


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