Tummy troubles 

This has been a rough week for this lil lady! I have been having stomach issues for quite some time now and we have been trying to figure out what has been going on with me. I have been battling severe stomach pain and lots of miserable days just not feeling well and dealing with bloating that has made me look roughly 7 months pregnant by the end of the day. 

I had to go in for a colonoscopy on Tuesday. The prep was a nightmare. It made me literally sick. I’m lucky my mom was there to take care of me. She was on vacation and able to take me for the procedure and home after. They decided to do some biopsies to see if I have celiac disease while they were doing the procedure. I don’t have those results back yet but the doctor said I shouldn’t have to have another colonoscopy until I’m 50. So I’m good with waiting 15 years. The doctor also said until we get the results I’m on a gluten free diet. I love pasta so this is pretty much the worse thing ever! 

We did some more work finishing getting things moved from my old place. Selling, giving away, putting in storage and setting aside for a yard sale coming up in a couple of weeks. I did a little gardening. In all the running and craziness we had some weeds that were getting out of control but they are looking pretty good now. 

The gluten free journey is beginning and I shall keep you all posted on how that goes!  

and I had one great makeup day! Lol!



One thought on “Tummy troubles 

  1. This sounds simply awful. I have heard wonders about the gluten free diet… You might find that will be the answer. As tragic as that is for the love of pasta. They do make gluten free though!!

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