Adult vs. Teen 

My son turned 18 and graduated high school. This freaked me out!  

And clearly he was thrilled as well! Being a grownup is so scary. And there are a lot of times that it’s just not very fun. Jobs, bills and responsibility blah! 

So shortly after his graduation celebration I decided to relive my early years with a concert. 

Me and my girlfriend went to see New Kids on the Block, Nelly and TLC. This concert was all that we had hoped it would be! 

And in case you didn’t know grown up concerts start with shots! 

Selfies on the escalator fun at every age! 

 Nelly started off the show and rapped all the hits that we know and love from the 90s! 

TLC was next and in case you were curious they will never replace Left Eye! (As it should be) and who knew that we would all remember the words. 

Fabulous night of music, friends, and memories old and new! Here’s to aging my friends. Perhaps growing up won’t be so bad! 

And did I mention the abs? Yes a good time for sure!   


2 thoughts on “Adult vs. Teen 

    1. Girl it was so much fun! I have not had such a great time with my girls in I don’t know how long! Kids again for sure with the bonus of being grown ups with the booze and the no bedtime lol!


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