Vacation Food 

One of my favorite things about traveling is food. Visiting those restaurants you don’t have at home and getting those foods you can only get certain places! We had fancy meals, quick meals and all around fabulous meals in Tampa! Let me share with you some of the yummy!       

  Cuban and what they call a midnight from a very small cafe. I needed a Cuban when I hit the Florida ground! Lol!   And yes those are fried plantains in the background. It’s one of those things if it’s on the menu you just have to do it!           

I can’t remember what this was called on the menu but I call it a ceviche salad. It had all the greatness of a fresh ceviche plus more! Fresh seafood gets my heart man! 

Smoked Salmon Eggs  Benedict. This was a hotel breakfast and my oh my was it good. I was so happy with how the salty smoked salmon went with the rich and creamy hollandaise it was a perfect breakfast. And those potatoes were so tasty! I could have had those for breakfast every morning we were there! I didn’t but man I could have! 

Big breakfast meant small lunch! Goat cheese and Pesto bruschetta. Amazing beyond amazing! 

And of course a dessert! This was Chocolate chip coffee ice cream with a warm waffle cone. Some of the best ice cream I have had in quite some time! It was a fantastic treat on a hot day! 

So many amazing food experiences and I realized I didn’t  even gain weight when I got home! Desserts, cocktails, rich food and fresh seafood oh my! It was a fabulous trip for lots of reasons, amazing food being only one of them! I will make sure to update this post with some links to the restaurants and shops we visited asap! 

What is your favorite part of vacation? 

2 thoughts on “Vacation Food 

  1. All of it looks delicious! I think when we are on vacation there is almost like a strange weight black hole. I ate awfully and drank too much on our weekend away and gained nothing so… Black hole. Haha

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