5K for 35!!!

So my birthday happened. I turned 35 this year. It is a scary age believe it or not. I’m pretty sure that you are supposed to be completely grown up by 35. And guess what….I’m not. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for my birthday this year. I have thrown myself some fun parties in the past and enjoyed all of them. Casino nights, and renting out a room at an  amazing night spot, pool parties, and club nights. I have had them all. But this year I wanted something different. So, I did not have a big party to celebrate. This year, I decided to walk/jog a 5K. I convinced my mom and my amazing friends to join me in this crazy test of endurance and strength! I found an event that was perfect and that just happened to be the day before my actual birthday. It was the Chocolate 5K. It supported a great cause that supports children through age 21 with cancer and other terminal diseases. And of course there was chocolate. Ghiradelli chocolate no less. My boyfriend was so amazingly proud of me. He couldn’t be with me for the race he had to travel for work, but he did provide me with all the gear I needed for a great day!

My awesome gear!
My awesome gear!

I did have a time in my head I was hoping to hit. At 4’11” I’m short and I don’t walk or jog fast. I’m slower than everyone I know. I thought that if I could get the race finished in less than an hour I would be doing great. I would have a good time that I could continue to improve. We went, we had a wonderful time.


image2(1) image1(3) 11377333_10101241819106551_303117161770207430_n image3(2)All the support of the community and all of the fun that I had with my friends made me so happy.  Sadly my final time was not my goal. I was a few minutes short but I really couldn’t be happier.

Official Time Record!
Official Time Record!
My number!
Me and My Mommy Finished together!
I was a little hot and red when it was all over!

I started, I finished, and I did it. I really got out there and did it. And now I can’t wait for the next. I will admit I’m proud of myself. I know that we have to be careful of pride but man this was something I didn’t know if I could do and I did it.  I’m already searching and researching to find the right race for my next one. And of course making some plans to do something amazing next year. I’m thinking maybe a rock climbing wall! How do you celebrate your special day?



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