Southern Girl Spending Spree

So this past weekend, I had a lot going on. One of the most exciting things was that I attended the Southern Women’s Show. Now for all of my followers and readers that are not in the South, let me tell you what this show is…basically we get together in a giant convention center and there are merchants from all over, it’s a great place to learn about local companies and get some special local finds. There are cooking lessons, there are celebrities to meet and greet and of course there is a Fireman show. I will leave that as the explanation for the final show. I personally do not watch, I use this as a good time to go and shop and not have to deal with too many crowds.

This year I attended with my Mom and one of her friends. I allowed myself to have a bit of a spree and absolutely spent too much money but OMG it was fun stuff!


My little boys birthstone is an aquamarine so now that he is 18 I thought I should finally have some jewelry with this birthstone. If you need a beautiful ring check out  Please ignore the weird red on my hand that is the stamp from leaving and coming back to the show (had to deliver goodies to the car and then come back for more). 🙂


These are specialty oils and balsamic vinegar. With my need to eat more salads and of course more chicken, these are amazing. They add flavor without anything too bad for me and they just have the best flavor. They have all kinds of combinations and of course you can just buy any individual flavors that you might be interested in please check them out!


I have a thing for Tervis Tumblers and they had a gigantic selection at the show. I was so happy and excited. I got one for me and one for my son (we are the morning coffee drinkers in the house). I’m still looking  for the right one for my amazing boyfriend. It will happen!


This is CBC local honey. They had different flavored honey but I went for the raw honey which I just couldn’t resist. It was amazing! I am looking for the company website (I can’t find their business card) but as soon as I do, I will update this post.


Lastly me and Mommy courtesy of our local paper The Tennessean. It was a great day. I am getting back to myself more and more everyday! Thanks for hanging in there with me.


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