Staying Focused or Something Like it!

image6So this week, I have been trying to stay focused. It has been a little difficult. My weight is up and down (I think I’m having some issues with water weight, no seriously, it’s water weight)! I have started my real training for a 5K race that I want to do for my birthday in approximately 2 months. It’s going pretty well! But I will admit I’m hurting. I am jogging for these workouts and well it’s just not something I have done before. But I really want to try and make it happen! Here’s some proof. And I realize these numbers aren’t fabulous but I’m proud of myself!

image1image3 (2)

So my distance didn’t improve but my calorie burn did and that is ok with me. I will definitely keep you posted on the progress!

I have also become obsessed with smoothies. I shall be providing some recipes soon! But I’m really loving everything about smoothies. Lots of fruits and veggies, and I have been adding protein powder to them as well. Definitely good stuff!

image5 image2 (2)

One of my other obsessions in life is makeup, much to the frustration of my son and boyfriend.  Part of that obsession is my subscription to Ipsy! I received my latest Ipsy bag and I have been using the new products and trying to decide how much I love them. The pur-lisse face wash is fabulous! The Leeanni Eco. 3 in 1 Revolution Light (toner serum and moisturizer in one) is really amazing. It makes my skin feel so good without being greasy and without the toner drying my face out. Often, toner can be really harsh on my skin and make my face feel itchy. The makeup brush is great. I have not tried the lip gloss or the eye shadow yet but those are scheduled for this week. And finally my favorite show currently is House of Cards. Yes we already finished the current season and now sadly must wait for the next. Oh Francis!! you are quite the politician aren’t you?



Basically I am finding more and more passions and can’t wait to keep moving forward with all of them. What are you super excited about right now?

2 thoughts on “Staying Focused or Something Like it!

  1. Go you with the training! It’s best to take it slow. You don’t want to get all burned out and hate running. Races are my favorite part of running. People sometimes don’t understand the whole pay to run rationale but it’s such a great motivator!

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    1. Thanks! I am definitely taking it slow and I want to enjoy it. So excited about that race coming up. And I think it is a great motivator. I love that it gives me something to train for and then a realization of that goal. And the goal can always be changed. I can go for speed and time and all kinds of stuff. This has been a really great way to get me back in the gym and “focused” LOL! 🙂


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