Weekly Rant – The Great Gym Debate

So in recent years there have been more and more gyms popping up all over the place. You have the $10 gyms, the expensive gyms, the family gyms, the kid gyms, the trainer gyms, the gym at your apartment complex, the gym at your office, and of course for those lucky ones the home gym (ok it might just be a couple of hand weights and a treadmill but it counts). Working out and going to the gym has become a part of the conversation.

Without naming any names there is a particular gym that has decided to take a much different approach to the whole idea of a “gym”. The commercials they put out have been targeted at individuals that aren’t necessarily comfortable in other gyms. Something along the lines of “no judgment”. So today on Facebook, I happened to read a post with a great deal of back and forth badmouthing this gym. And well personally I’m not a fan of their tactics but I mean there’s no point in trying to change someone else’s mind if they enjoy where they go to workout. Come on the bottom line is if you are getting fit and having fun then you are doing it where you should be.

But I want to put a plea out there to all of my girls that are working out and that are trying to get healthy and that maybe aren’t quite sure of themselves when it comes to fitness and working out. You need to be somewhere that you are comfortable, and you need to be somewhere with friendly staff that will make sure you are safe and understand the equipment. But let me also tell you this, people that are at the gym are at the gym to work out. I don’t care what gym you are in, there is no one judging you. They don’t have time to think about you, they are thinking about their own workout. Now do I occasionally notice a pair of workout pants I like or maybe someone working on a machine I haven’t tried before and decide I can do that, sure! But that doesn’t mean there is any judgment. I can’t sit around and watch someone else work out, I have to get my own time in. And believe it or not, those guys that some may call “Lunks” can actually be really awesome people and can be super encouraging.

And here is where I shall leave you, with these thoughts, one – Go where you are comfortable for your workout and two – If we want to live in this judgment free world then let’s not judge others period.




6 thoughts on “Weekly Rant – The Great Gym Debate

    1. It is scary to think that someone is watching or judging. I can totally get that. I guess I have always belonged to a more high intensity or even weight lifting focused gym and I have never felt uncomfortable. I hate to think that someone wouldn’t or couldn’t work out because of who else was there. I want to share my ability to go anywhere and feel at home with the whole world!


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