Weekly Rant – Body Shaming

There has been a lot of conversation lately about body shaming. I find this to be sad on a couple of different levels. One, I think that we are paying far too much attention to each other’s weight and lifestyle choices. Let people live in the way they see fit. If they aren’t hurting you or interfering with your happiness then why would you even care how much they weigh? I listen to The Bert Show, a nationally syndicated morning show, every morning on my way to work. And the other morning they were talking about a man that was dancing and having so much fun until he noticed people were laughing at him and then he got sad. It is obvious from the post of the photos that the individuals that took the photos were making fun of him and laughing at him, which is totally wrong, especially the fact they publically shared the photos without his permission, a very sad situation indeed. This brings me to my second point. What makes me more sad is that he allowed someone else to take away from his joy. Why do we put so much emphasis on what others think? Saying this as someone who has very clearly put out there that I have weight to lose, I will never let anyone’s judgment of my body effect the way that I (me and myself) think of my body. It’s not a healthy thing for us to do. When did we stop doing our own thing, and finding joy where we find it? I would like to hope that if I were that man, I would have continued to dance and found myself even more absorbed by the music and the moment because that is what mattered, not some individuals that clearly were lacking in self-awareness, and common decency to be so cruel as to make fun of this man. http://thebertshow.com/a-heavy-man-got-fat-shamed-for-dancing-so-now-celebs-the-world-is-rallying-behind-him/

Lastly, let’s talk about the other side of that coin. Skinny shaming. I am a woman that has always had to worry about my weight. I can remember thinking about it in elementary school and right on up to as I sit here and type this. I have learned recently to worry more about my health then to worry about what the scale says but it’s still an ever present fear and concern. Have I been jealous of girls that are skinny and girls that don’t have to worry about their weight. YES!!! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t. But do I blame them for being able to have an easier time with their weight. Am I going to say their lifestyle must be bad because they are “too” skinny or they are clearly doing something wrong to remain so skinny? No. Again we never know the struggle of someone else and we all have insecurities. There was recently a very popular conversation going on about a model that was pregnant. Man the judgment flew. But is it really our place? http://thebertshow.com/shes-8-5-months-pregnant-and-still-has-abs/ We need to learn to support each other more and judge each other less. And if we aren’t capable of doing that, let’s remember what our momma’s said, “If you can’t say anything nice, just shut your mouth already”. At least I think that’s how she put it.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Rant – Body Shaming

  1. this is such a tough subject. I find myself always shaming myself which I mean is just awful. And I’m fully aware any skinny shaming is pure jealousy. It’s almost ingrained in us or something in our DNA. It’s a habit that needs to be broken though across the board.

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    1. Yes I think we all do this to some extent. Whether it’s personal shaming or shaming of others. It’s really hard. I have another rant about mommy shaming I can’t wait for your opinion on! I think we can all get better if we do it together. Learning to support each other’s differences should be just as important as supporting each other when we have similar goals! 🙂


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