Makeup Monday – July BoxyCharm Box Review

Happy Monday! New makeup is so fun. It truly is one of my favorite things. Is it time to rewrite that song yet? Just kidding don’t mess with the classics people!

My July BoxyCharm box arrived and I was super stoked to open it up and see all the goodies.  I love that they give a sneak peek of your box but there is always one thing that they keep a secret. Not sure why but it makes it so much more exciting to open the box. Perhaps next month, I will try and not view the sneak peek email. Do we think I can resist? We shall see, won’t we friends. 

So here was my grand un-boxing. I’ll give you the breakdown of my items.

Elemis – Superfood Vital Veggie Mask – $35.00

Butter London – Natural Goddess Eyeshadow Palette – $32.00

Luxie- Gaea 3 piece brush set – $30.00

Ofra- liquid lip – $20.00

Lashaholics – Instaglam False Eyelashes – $14.99

Total MSRP for the box is $131.99. Remember this box only costs $21 per month. If you would like to sign up for your own box, here is the link.

Also, if you would like, please use my code. I think I get some points towards products or something. Not sure if you get anything using it but hey it’s worth a shot.


I am most excited about the eyeshadow palette. I like the colors and I am excited to see if  I can create some cool looks that are also appropriate for the office.

I am least excited about the eyelashes as I don’t normally use false eyelashes but I definitely want to give them a shot. Who knows maybe they will be my favorite thing in the box.

Overall, I’m giving this month’s box 💄💄💄💄 out of 5. Check in next week to see if the products are living up to this score.

Love and 💄,



Friday Foodie Review – Chicken Adobo

Happy Friday friends! Are you looking for something super easy for your weekend? My slow-cooker always saves the day when I am in need of something flavorful and I don’t want to put in a lot of effort. I know that sounds terrible. We that cook should always want to spend hours in the kitchen making each ingredient sing like it’s the star. No, people. This is not the truth. Even if we love food and love cooking, sometimes we have other things to do. Sometimes those things may be binge watching a TV show with our husbands but trust me there are important things to do!

In walks this fabulous slow-cooker recipe. My husband and I went to an event a couple of years ago and they served Chicken Adobo. I didn’t know what it was, I had never had it before and I quickly discovered it was tasty! I found this recipe a couple of years ago and well it sat. It was saved on my Pillsbury page and that is where it stayed. Until, the other day. I thought this sounds soooo yummy! So I made it.

You do brown the chicken first, but please know you are not cooking the chicken you are simply getting a good crust on the skin. Now you will also notice that I used skinless thighs. Well the browning still had a nice effect and, while I try to stay true to a recipe at the least the first time I try it. I also like to stay true to my wallet and use what I have on hand.


I made Mexican rice packets from Knorr to go with the chicken and it was soooo good. We did pick the peppercorns off of our plates because I forgot to strain it, a slight kitchen fail on my part. I took the roasted garlic and spread it on my some buttered toast for an amazing garlic bread to go with our fantastic dinner.

Overall, this was a 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗out of 5 recipe. We will definitely be making it again. the flavor is very different from anything I have made before. Traditionally, it is served with white rice but I really enjoyed the flavor of the Mexican rice with it. I am so glad that I finally tried this recipe. I hope you don’t want as long as I did.

Remember, if you are interested in what I am cooking and what will be featured on the blog soon, check out my Pinterest Board for all the recipes and things we are trying on the blog.

Love and 🍗


Thursday Story-Telling The Intervention Chapter 8

Britney was still sitting at her boss’ desk when the room suddenly became darker and began to fill with smoke. She couldn’t see anything. She was very afraid and started to wonder if this was it. Was she finally dying? Had she been floating long enough?

“Britney” she heard someone whisper her name. Who was calling her?


She suddenly recognized the voice. It was her mother. “Mom! Where are you? I can’t see you.”
“I am here Brit. I need you to just listen, OK?”

“OK” her voice was shaking and she knew that she must be dead. Her mother was hear to take her with her.

“Brit you are hearing me, because you are finally able to listen now. I have been trying to reach you for quite sometime, young lady. You have been headed down a bad path. I know that you have been having problems with Anthony, and you don’t feel like you can go forward and you certainly can’t go backwards. It was time for me to step in. I didn’t want it to be this way, but your head is too full with the fighting, worrying about work, and other things that aren’t important that you couldn’t hear me. I didn’t want to have to get your attention this way but it was necessary.”

“The car accident? That was you? Mom, you wouldn’t put my life in danger.”

“No honey, the car accident was not me. That was you not paying attention; the coma was my doing. I can not let you wake up until I have told you what you need to know.”

“I am not dead?”

“No, it is not your time. You have a lot of work left to do. Part of that work has to be done with a very special person by your side.”

“Who? Who is going to be by my side?”


“What? Mom we fight all the time. I love him but I don’t think that we are going to stay together. I can’t continue this way and I know that he can’t either.”

“Well honey he can’t, but you have to fix it. You two are going to have children that are meant to do great things in this world. It is very important that you fix this. You love him and you can get through this.”

“But we drive each other crazy. I wouldn’t want to bring children into that. How could they possibly end up great? They would end up more messed up then me and Anthony individually.”

“We all have our struggles and we all have our special qualities that make us unique. No one is perfect and we have to love each other for our hearts not for our annoying habits. You have to remember it is OK to not like everything about each other. You just have to remember that you love each other. You are not messed up either, but apart you would be.”

“I do love him. I do want to fix things. Can you tell me what happened? Can you tell me where it went wrong? What can I do to make it better?”

“I can’t give you all the answers. I have already told you more than I should have. But I can tell you this, the next time you get mad at him or one of his little habits makes you want to yell at him, just remember how you feel at this exact moment knowing that you can’t hold him and let him know how much you love him. Remember what it is like knowing that you can’t have his arms around you and know that you are going to be safe. Is that something you could truly live without?”

“No, I don’t think that I could. I couldn’t stand to be away from him for another minute. I want to be with him, I want to be with him right now actually.” Tears started to fall down Britney’s face. She could feel them. She had to be waking up. She had to be.

“Britney, you won’t always hear me and you won’t be able to see me, but I love you and I will always be with you in your hear. If you are really quiet, you will hear me. I will help you through this. Make sure that you pray a lot and keep Anthony close and remember that a career that brings personal accomplishment will never equal the feeling in your heart that comes from your family and those that love you, regardless of your title at work.”

“I will Mom. I will. I love you so much. Can’t I see you before you? Can’t I have a hug? Just one last time.”

“I am sorry Brit. I can’t. I am not able, but believe me, honey I am here for you I promise.”

“But I am not ready for you to go. I need to know more. I need your help. Will he forgive me for everything?”

“When you wake up, you will know how to fix it. I am sure of it.”

The smoke began to clear and Britney was floating around the corridors of the office building. She went to her desk and sat in her chair. It was strange, she couldn’t really feel the chair as she had felt Kathy’s but she was sitting in it. She looked at the pictures on her desk. She saw pictures of her friends and their kids. She found almost too many pictures of Anthony and her, they were so happy in all of them. She knew that her mother had been right, and she was going to fix things with him. She was going to make it better as she looked at the pictures of them together on vacations and during holidays, she knew that she could fix it. She knew that whatever was supposed to come of them and their children, it would happen.

It’s Not Me, It’s You – Review

I always want to bring positive things to my blog. I also have decided that I want to be “real” with my readers. So this means, that some times things don’t work out the way we would like them to. Sometimes we have to post that review that isn’t all 4 or 5 star. Maybe the product was bad or not as advertised. Maybe the company didn’t meet the expectation. I don’t want to focus on negative but I want to give an honest review. So here we are folks. I have created a new category: It’s Not Me, It’s You – Review. These are going to be the times when it just doesn’t work out quite well and I have a story to tell you this week.

You know how you get nervous about these online sales and online companies. It’s scary to have a date with a company you don’t know or haven’t met in person. What will they be like? Will they be on-time? Will they say all the right things? Will they pick up the tab (free shipping)? I am a sucker for a monogram. It was time for a new shirt. So I made a date with Born to be Sassy for the 4th of July.  I found them on Facebook and thought, well if they are on Facebook I should give them a try. A fabulous sale – adorable monogrammed t-shirt for $9.99. How could I resist? Well folks, I got cat-fished. The shirt arrived and was cute. Yes it was cute. It was also far too large.

I emailed Sassy to find out what I could do and I was asked to send a pic to prove the error. OK, I get it. They have their concerns as much as I do. I sent the pic. I was told they would get my corrected shirt out ASAP. I received an email with a tracking number almost right away. I was told my replacement (corrected) item was on the way.  I was so happy. Sadly, here we are 11 days later. I was ghosted. The tracking number still says it never actually shipped was just created and I don’t have the shirt I wanted to rock on the 4th.

I will say this, the shirt that arrived was the design I had ordered. It is a very comfy and large shirt I can wear to bed or around the house. I would not have paid to have a shirt monogrammed for those purposes. However, the quality is good. The design is great. It is an ink print that does not appear like it will come off quickly or fade quickly. So I will put a link to the website BorntobeSassy and say totally up to you if you want to try. There is a good chance, you will be happy with your purchase.

If something should change and the shirt finally shows up for our date, I will absolutely update my blog and let you all know. In the meantime just imagine how cute this design would have been when I rocked it for some fireworks.



Overall this is a 2 out of 5 🍋🍋.

Love and better purchases ahead my friends,


Make-Up Monday – St. Tropez – Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

Happy Monday my Make-Up addicts! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. It is summer time and that means lots of time in the sun. Are you tanners? I am not a tanner. I am also not a self-tanner. I am very fair complected and I have just accepted my fate. I told you guys back in my post for my June BoxyCharm that I would try this self-tanner for all of you. Well folks, I have to keep it real.


So instead of trying something I really didn’t want to try. I got the help of a willing tester that actually likes and uses self-tanning products my Mom!


Isn’t she just lovely? So I took her the product and asked her to try it. She rated smell, ease of application, longevity and of course price. Here is what she had to say.

The product was easy to apply, she saw immediate results so it easy to tell where it had been applied. The scent was pleasant at application. She put it on a few hours before bed to see if it would react with her sheets. I have been told this is a thing. So when she woke the next morning, the scent had changed in the evening to the typical scent of sunless tanning products but it was not overpowering. The tan remained pretty even. See the pic below. (The leg on the left is untreated and the leg on the right is the treated leg immediately after application.)


24 hours later she showered and advised that even with some extra scrubbing her suds remained white and the product was not coming off. She said that her sheets maintained the self-tanning odor but there were no stains.


A week later, I followed up with her and she said that the product had a good staying power. She said she probably would have applied another layer of the product to her thighs because her lower legs got some sun but the thighs didn’t so they are a little uneven now that a week has passed. She used only about 1/3 of the bottle to do this test and that the bottle would be about 2 full body applications. The cost of $24.50 MSRP is a little pricey for self-tanner, she considers her max about $15.00.

Overall a great experience, and a 3.5 to  💄💄💄💄out of 5 rating. I hope you have enjoyed a real girl review from the real girl mom! Thanks for your help Mom! You rock!

Love and 💄


Friday Foodie Review – BLT Mac & Cheese

Happy Friday! TGIF to say the least! I was ready for the weekend this morning and I am sure that you are too. I was originally going to post a different recipe today but when I made this mac and cheese it was just too good to wait to post.

I like to browse through the Pillsbury recipes on their website. This was a recipe I found and I just couldn’t resist trying. BLT Mac and Cheese. This is a link to the recipe directly on the Pillsbury site. BLT Mac and Cheese

I have also created a new Pinterest Board for my reviews. If you are interested in other recipes, etc. please feel free to check it out. RealGirlReviews Pinterest

Now on to the recipe! So this recipe is very straightforward. You could easily make this recipe gluten free by replacing the macaroni and panko with gluten friendly versions. For this particular use, I did not. I wanted to try the recipe exactly as it was listed.

Here are some pics of how to get started!

The one thing that took the longest time was boiling the noodles and of course, cooking the bacon. I did it in my cast iron and had to do in batches so it took a little while to cook the whole package. I will say though, I never regret making all the bacon because my house smells good for days afterwards.

Now here is how it looked all done!

This is definitely a recipe to be made again and again. The hubs loved it. He has taken to calling it Crackeroni and Cheese or Crack and Cheese for short. I think he might be addicted. I took it to work and shared with a few folks there and they loved it.

My opinion is that the tomato was a fun bright touch. The bacon added a slight crunch along with the panko, that made this one of those mac and cheese recipes you can’t wait to try again. This recipe is a crowd size recipe so I would definitely make sure you have a lot of folks around to eat it or you might burn out on it before you have finished the dish.

All in all this is a 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓 out of 5 recipe!!! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Love and 🥓


Thursday Story-Telling The Intervention Chapter 7

Anthony still sitting in the waiting room was ready to go crazy. He couldn’t imagine what could be taking so long. Someone surely would be able to come out and tell him something soon. He thought back to when he had first met Britney. They had met at work. Anthony had been visiting from a sister company and she had been in the same training class with him. He had fallen in love with her from the first moment he saw her.

Britney was stunning. She was wearing a black flowing skirt and a purple sweater, it was low cut, and he of course, had checked her out. He couldn’t help it. Anthony was a man after all. Britney busted him checking her out and laughed about it. He couldn’t believe that she hadn’t slapped him. She just stood there and laughed at him. He knew right then that he had to get to know this girl better. She was something very special.

They were in the training session together for two weeks, and ended up going to lunch together everyday. She was so smart and funny; he had never met a woman that could match his quick wit. Then on the last day of class, she wasn’t there. He didn’t want to ask about her and let everyone know that something could be going on. There really wasn’t anything going on, at least not anything that Britney knew about. She finally came in, and looked flushed. She apologized hurriedly and took her seat. She smiled at him from across the room. That simple smile let him know that she was glad he was there. That smile could light up a whole building let alone a room.

He would find out later that being on time was not her strong suit, and it would be the cause of many arguments later. But that same smile, would also end many of those arguments and make him feel like the only man on the world more times than Britney would ever know. After training ended on that final day, the whole class decided to go out for drinks. Anthony made it his business to make sure that he was at the same table as she was. They talked the whole night, and they hit it off completely, but he was going back to his job and she to hers. He didn’t want to start something that would be complicated by work as well as distance. He lived 1000 miles away.

They, however, continued their friendship for the next six months, and then one day he got the phone call that changed both of their lives forever. Britney’s mother had died. She needed him. He took off from work and went to be with her. When the dust had settled and Britney was better, he still couldn’t bring himself to leave her. So he found a new job and moved to be near her. She had needed him so much then, and he couldn’t have imagined a place he wanted to be more than beside her always. Now he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to be beside her ever again, and he felt as if his heart would stop beating right there.